We believe good food shouldn’t cost the earth or be imported from around the world. Food security should be everyone’s right.

Lettuce in a pot with roots on a white background
We grow leafy greens and herbs locally using our unique, cutting edge hydroponic technology. Our crops get the perfect amount of light, water and nutrients to grow delicious fresh produce every time.

Food security is at the forefront of the UAE’s future with The Ministry of State for Future Food Security launching the UAE’s Future Food Security Strategy later in 2018, focusing on new technologies that will revolutionize agriculture and food production in the country.

 “The UAE is considered food secure due largely to its economic and political stability, but it must still address food security challenges by focusing on domestic production, high-tech agriculture, research and development (R&D), subsidisation and stockpiling policies, and food loss strategies,” Dr Ali Sebaa Al Merri, MBRSG’s executive president (Mohammad Bin Rashid School of Government)*


*Gulf News 8th February 2018


Meet the Executive Team

James Ellender

Chief Executive Officer

Board of Directors

James has over twenty years of experience in both the public and private sector and is the founder of a successful global retail FMCG brand. He brings experience in strategic direction, growth strategies and FMCG. With an extensive network across the region and Europe, he will position FreshPonics to penetrate new markets & more product offerings over the coming years.


‘My mission is for the UAE to strive to become self-sustainable with fresh produce in the coming years. FreshPonics will contribute towards that goal.’

Kristina Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Kristina has a passion for supporting and securing the strategic ambitions of FreshPonics. This will be through 15 years’ experience in various Finance roles within the UK and Middle East. Kristina is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


'My mission for FreshPonics is to ensure transparency in all areas of our business to create a trustworthy brand within the food industry'

Ricardo Nunes

Agronomist and Operations Director

Ricardo has a passion for growing crops, a vast experience within farm management alongside a BA in Agriculture Engineering, a Masters degree in food safety and a specialization in bio-control. He has an extensive network with the major operators in hydroponics and soft fruit.
'My mission for the business is to develop FreshPonics with superior farming operation standards allowing consumers and their families to enjoy high quality, premium and tasty fresh produce!'

Stefanie Paterson

Human Resources Director

Stefanie has a passion for developing people and an extensive background in progressive HR roles across the globe, accompanied by an MCIPD accreditation and an MSc & BA Hons degree in the subject.


‘My mission for the business is for FreshPonics to become an employer of choice within the region and to create sustainable jobs for the UAE’

Scott Winston

Sales & Marketing Director

Scott has a passion for food and the food business, as well as an in depth understanding of the importance of food security and sustainability. Scott’s extensive network will assist FreshPonics in securing offtake agreements and ensuring FreshPonics is a recognized brand in the UAE.

‘My mission for the business is to bring great quality affordable food to the region’