Strategic Partners

FreshPonics is an Official Partner of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum

The Private Office has a diversified group of companies which operate under SEED Group in industries including technology, healthcare and most recently agriculture due to this partnership. Since its inception in 2000, the group has transformed into a front-runner in multiple business sectors. Their greatest strength lies in forming strategic partnerships with organizations looking to establish a strong presence in the GCC.

The Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, SEED Group and FreshPonics share the same vision for food security and sustainability within the United Arab Emirates. This partnership will strive for the UAE to become self sustainable in locally grown fresh produce with a significant reduction on imported foods.

Governmental Partners

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Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers


We have a multi channeled strategy for selling produce in the UAE. This involves engaging with and securing commercial agreements and off-takes with:


  • Fresh produce distributors and wholesalers
  • Retailers (Grocers)
  • HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes)

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